Find an optometrist near you

Are you wondering about how you should find an optometrist in your city or town? Whether you’re looking for an optometrist in Wellington—or in Auckland—we have some tips that can help.

Think about your eye care needs

If you have children, you might want to find an optometrist’s office that’s right for everyone in the family. This could make things more convenient. In addition, think about how far you’ll have to travel and how this may affect time off from work or school for appointments.

Call the optometrist’s office before visiting

Be prepared with some personal information before you call, like your private health insurance number (if you have one). Also, feel free to ask questions. How long have you been in practice? What are your operating hours? Is your office child-friendly? Ask anything you need to know to make your visit pleasant and productive.

Ask your friends about their optometrist

Pick up your phone or put out the call to your circle of friends on your favourite social network. Was this optometrist attentive to your needs? Does that optometrist have convenient hours? Whatever is important to you, raise the point and ask.