Our goal is simple: do better every day.

CooperVision is minimizing our environmental impact and operating more sustainably with a focus on four key areas: water, energy, recycling, and people. We do this because it is the right thing to do—for our employees, our customers, our business, and our planet—and we are proud to share our progress.


Making a difference, one kilowatt hour at a time.

Using renewable energy

and clean-energy resources, like geothermal, solar, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass1

Reducing power consumption

by using natural light, high-efficiency lighting, and advanced control systems in many of our facilities


Realizing the full potential of every resource.



of the materials used in our production process (on average)2



of plastics into new products such as traffic cones and molded chairs2





before they are recycled3


Saving millions of gallons by being mindful.

Finding new ways to reuse and recycle water

from rainwater collection programs to the repurposing of water used in production

Minimizing demand

on city-supplied water and decreasing waste water by approximately 1,400,000 gallons (5.299 million liters) per month4


Giving employees a chance to make environmentally conscious choices.

Reducing emissions

with more than 70% of employees in Costa Rica and Hungary participating in mass transportation2

Contributing time and effort

as an organization by adopting nearly five acres of the Osa Peninsula, and participating in Earth Day tree planting events and beach clean ups

Buildings in our Costa Rica plant

Costa Rica plant update

Our newest manufacturing facility opened in Alajuela, Costa Rica, in February 2016. Since then, the plant has continued to demonstrate our dedication to sustainability with resource-saving features like a high-efficiency illumination system using natural light, a vegetable oil-powered main transformer, and rainwater collection tanks. More than 95% of materials used in our production process—including 100% of the plastic generated—is recycled, and more than 95% of the plant’s electricity comes from renewable sources. Plus, 70% of our employees commute via mass transportation across 65 routes5

So far, the plant is making great strides in saving water and energy, recycling materials, and empowering employees to make environmentally conscious choices, while continually striving to improve every day. Their efforts are setting the pace for a brighter, more sustainable business for generations to come.



of our Costa Rica facility's power comes from renewable resources5

Protecting local water resources

The Water Reuse Project at our Puerto Rico facility focuses on diverting process water for reuse in cooling towers. Since the project began, it has saved 16,800,000 gallons (63 million liters) of water per year and reduced our demand for city-provided water by 35%1. The project’s success has earned it recognition as the Environmental Innovation Project of the Year in Puerto Rico, among other awards.

Natural shade, natural beauty

In Hungary, the heat exchangers needed to maintain fluid temperatures are located on the hottest side of the building, which means more energy is needed to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. Rather than relying on artificial shade to keep things cool, our employees decided to plant trees, delivering a cost-effective, natural cooling system built on ingenuity.

A map of the world with certain CooperVision locations marked

1 Where available.
2 As of Q1 FY 2018. Data subject to change.
3 Puerto Rico and Hungary facilities.
4 Puerto Rico facility. CooperVision sustainability measures may vary from facility to facility, owing to site-dependent external and internal factors.
5 As of Q1 FY 2018. Data subject to change.