Contact lens technology

PC technology™

Creates a lens material that contains phosphoryl choline (PC) molecules, which bind with water molecules in natural tears to form a protective “shield” of water around the lens.

Optimised toric lens geometry™

Optimised toric lens geometry™

This toric lens design is multifaceted to ensure optimal visual acuity, lens stability, fit and comfort. Its uniform horizontal ISO thickness and wide ballast band quickly orient the lens for better performance and simple fitting.

Digital Zone Optics™

For life on screen and off. Helps to ease the accommodative burden without impacting distance visual acuity.

Balanced progressive® technology

Balanced progressive® technology

For presbyopia: Two different optical designs utilise the processing power of the visual cortex to enhance vision. Optimised for exceptional vision at all distances: near, intermediate and far.

Aquaform® technology

Aquaform® Technology

Creates an optimised balance of high oxygen permeability, good water content, and optimum modulus to provide increased breathability and moisture in a soft, flexible lens.